Vote for your favorite startup! Deadline March 6th, Noon 12

On our path to raise the profile of the home-grown talent and unite the Belgian entrepreneurial ecosystem, we are happy to announce the 2nd edition of the Tech Startup Day Awards! brings to you a unique opportunity to put the spotlight on inspiring entrepreneurs. Come along and celebrate!

Based on a set of criteria that covered key aspects like tech environment, scalability, revenue, venture capital and inventiveness, a jury consisting of renowned Belgian tech experts has nominated 5 startups for each of the following categories:– Startup of the year– Scale up of the year– Student startup of the year– Disruptive innovation of the year

Now that all the nominees have been confirmed, it is YOUR turn to choose the winners! You can vote for one finalist in each category before March 6th 12:00 CET. Click on “VOTE NOW” under each section to express your preference. We like to save the best for the last, so the winners will be announced during the closing plenary of Tech Startup Day (March 9th). May the best win!

Vote for your favorite startup!


At Howaboutsales it’s all about bringing companies and their sales partners closer together through an easy-to-use business relationship management software (BRM)

JackMedia is a messaging application to rediscover the pleasure of waiting. Jack allows you to decide when your message (a “Jack”) can be read by the recipient.

Lifting Data Science to the Enterprise level with Adalog: a knowledge driven Data Science platform.

Pridiktiv is a smart and mobile health collaboration platform. Which enables nurses and caretakers to work with actual data, to reduce the non-medical training time and to reduce the administration time after a long day.

Small Teaser is a community blogging platform. With a built-in ad server, they provide content creators the ability to earn a share of the advert revenue.


Aproplan is a construction app that helps you build faster and lets you keep track of your progress and collaborate with your team.

GuardSquare helps you protect your applications and your organization from hacking and its consequences.

Silverfin helps accountants work smarter by managing their entire workflow on one platform.

Theoplayer is an Award-Winning HTML5 Video Player which delivers a world-class viewer experience without plugins, on every platform and every device.

The Unifly cloud-based software platform enables the safe integration of drone traffic in the airspace and tells drone pilots & operators where they can fly safely & legally. The central dashboard streamlines the management of operator & pilot assets.


AcademicLabs is a network of research units sharing expertise, services and infrastructure to facilitate collaborative research.

Amanote is a note-taking app which improves note taking during presentations, lectures and conferences

CitizenLab helps governments become more citizen-centric, through a user-friendly cloud software, insightful data analytics and focus on mobile.

Eightant is a software application that allows landlords to manage their buildings efficiently. But it also enables them to communicate with their tenants in a very userfriendly way.

ZetaPulse helps you connect with the right individual at the right time. Create awareness or send out coupons when users are near your store or at a specific location.


Birdee is a digital saving management solution dedicated to Mass Affluent investors. It has been developed by Gambit Financial Solutions, a software company that implements customer-centric solutions in Europe since 2010.

Eyeco eyeco was founded with a lofty mission: apply their knowledge in nanotechnology to remove the burden of eyewear and make people see more, all the time.

Ipee develops and manufactures smart and integrated sensor solutions to improve the wise use of water, to enhance hygiene and to reduce costs for the sanitary industry.

Sentiance offers real-time Ambient Intelligence automated through a proprietary sensor fusion platform to enterprises, DMPs, SMEs and mobile app developers. The platform empowers companies to build behavioral profiles of connected users and enriching those profiles with personalized, predictive and context-aware services.

XenomatiX, with its solid state Lidar, masters the technology for 360° precise and high resolution sensing under all light and weather conditions and at any driving speed. Together with leading automotive companies, they are providing the car of the future with the eyes to ultimately replace human drivers.


Simon Alexandre

EVP General Manager and Partner at The Faktory

Simon is the General manager and Partner of The Faktory. From 2008 until 2013, Simon was the CEO of CETIC, the Center of Excellence in Information Technology and Communication in Charleroi. He led a team of 50 researchers working in applied research in the ICT industry.

With a master in History (UCL 1999) and Computer sciences (UNAMUR 2001), he is initially specialized in software development methodologies, and since 2008, has been heavily involved in the development of innovative technological projects in e-Health.

Béatrice de Mahieu

Co-founder at Virtuology Academy

Béatrice de Mahieu is a Belgian entrepreneur and strategy consultant. Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to participate in the development and growth strategy of major telecommunication and media companies. She decided to focus her career on coaching and mentoring start-ups in their investment, growth and strategy, and also joined one of the major investment partners and funds in Belgium as an investment expert and member of the board.

Omar Mohout

Professor of Entrepreneurship at Antwerp Management School - Growth Engineer at Sirris

Omar Mohout, a former technology entrepreneur, is a widely published technology author, C-level advisor to high growth startups as well as Fortune 500 companies and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Antwerp Management School. He is author of 'Pricing Strategies for Startups' and the popular 'Startup Master Class series'. A contributing author to the ‘100 Days Digital Marketing Plan’ and ‘The Future of Business’ books.

Frank Maene

Managing partner at Volta Ventures

Frank Maene is a Software & internet venture capitalist and Startup coach. He is Managing Partner of Volta Ventures, providing seed & early stage venture capital and mentorship for internet & software companies in the Benelux. Frank started as a VC in 2000 as Managing Partner at Big Bang Ventures & Hummingbird Ventures. He previously held several positions at software companies. He currently serves on the board of directors of Amplidata, Argus Labs, Awingu, Ciceksepeti, Digitouch and Engagor.

Wim De Preter

Business Journalist at De Tijd

Wim De Preter mainly writes about technology, media and marketing. He coordinates #Tijd, a daily page on Tech, Media & Marketing in the Flemish business newspaper De Tijd.

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